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Eine Oase des Wohlfühlens, einmalig, individuell, kunstvoll und qualitativ auf höchstem Niveau: Wenn das die Definition Ihres Traumgartens ist, ist Rolf von Burg die richtige Adresse für Sie. Beginnen Sie jetzt mit der Planung für den Garten Ihres Lebens.

Schön, dass wir Sie kennenlernen dürfen.

Planen wir Ihren Wunschgarten!

    Offer architectural fee first visit*

    Thank you for your interest in Rolf von Burg, Gartenarchitektur & Design. We would be happy to advise you in a personal meeting at your place. An important role is played by the first mutual acquaintance and the recording of your wishes. Furthermore, an initial survey of the property is made with regard to its orientation, location, possible conditions and an initial assessment of views and vistas is made. We pursue the goal of never viewing the garden in isolation, but always as part of the whole - as a harmonious, beneficial and at the same time stimulating extension of the living space.

    We are happy to offer you the initial consultation at your home:

    Initial meeting according to expenditure 170 CHF/h excl. VAT
    Travel fee depending on region excl. VAT

    Please introduce yourself to us.*

    Teilen Sie uns bitte Ihre Adresse mit.*

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    What garden forms you like?*

    Which use cases would you like to integrate?*

    What level of maintenance effort do you wish?*

    What areas would you like to have in your garden?*

    What materials would you like to integrate?*

    What equipment do you wish?*

    Would you like to integrate water?*

    What are your furniture requirements?*

    What would you like to plant?*

    With what budget idea may we accompany you?*

    Are there any open requests from your side?*